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Ida y Vuelta

Our team

Claire Morin : artistic director, choreographer-dancer, director

Monica Acevedo de Pablo: composer, musician, singer

Laurent Barthel: sculptor

Guy Blanes: photographer

Joel Beauvois: dancer

Carole Bordes: dancer

Anne-Sophie Brunet: artist digital , videographer

Geneviève Cron: dancer 

Hubert Colau: composer, musician

 Camille Cottalorda  : set designer, costume designer

Delfine Ferré: visual artist

Mathilde Jacquet: lighting designer 

Yaelle Jean: visual artist

Quentin Kheyap: photographer

Dany Lof: sculptor

Rebecca Macchia: dancer

Hélène Marionneau  dancer

 Ken Parassouramin: musician

 Lisa Quenoy  : dancer

Mayu Sato-Bremaud: musician

Sylvain Trousselle: videographer



Claire Morin


The company Ida y Vuelta (from the Spanish, "go and return") was created by Claire Morin, plural artist: dancer, choreographer, performer, and director.

Her artistic research is based on the exploration of sensitivity, using the living body in motion as a solid basis, and shared with her collaborators and with the public in various interactive art forms.    


The relationship to bodies and spaces, with others, constitute an infinity of matter(s) which are articulated in an innate creative process on site. Her choreographic work, combining writing and improvisation takes shape with the unique cartography, identity, and temporality of the spaces, in nature or in the city.


At the crossroads of the show, the performance, and the immersive action, her singular approach consists in encouraging a sensitive encounter. She shares her own research through an experiment in which everyone, artists, the public, and visitors can get involved with their own creative sensitivity. 

Based in Dammarie-Lès-Lys (Seine-et-Marne, 77) since 2001, the company combines multidisciplinary artistic creation and mediation actions with the public.

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