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Palissade: participatory garden & collective artistic fresco

This creative and collaborative project in the heart of the urban space takes place on the site of the current palisade of the housing project led by Cogedim in the Almont district in Melun (77). "Palissade" is a transversal project developed around the theme:

"Our habitat of tomorrow".

At the crossroads of artistic, educational, ecological, and solidarity practices.

How to think about the world of today and tomorrow? How to live it?


5 artists from the Ida y Vuelta company explore this theme with the inhabitants of the neighborhood through creation and exchange.

Together, they work on the implementation of an evolutionary and collective realization.

This ephemeral artistic project is also an opportunity to promote the acquisition of new skills and to share experiences with partners:  

The town of Melun: La Boussole, the ecological transition service, the Greenhouses of Melun, green spaces.

National Education: the schools of the Almont school group, the Pierre Brossolette college. 

Local associations.


By weaving intergenerational links, promoting meetings, dialogue, and mutual aid to build our living spaces together, fighting against global warming through the creation of ecological islands, and tending towards more food autonomy through permaculture, this space for shared experimentation is intended to become a bright, warm and attractive public space.


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